Planning Successful Events Since 1995


Planning Successful Events Since 1995


Gondola Ferris Wheel
Tubs of Fun
Trackless Train & Conductor
Kiddie Ferris Wheel
Swing Chair Ride
Pony Rides
Horse Drawn Carriage Rides


Farm Animal Petting Zoo
Goats in the Petting Zoo
Farm Animals
Fluffy the Snake
Tyrion the Tortoise
Fun & Educational Reptiles

Frappacino Booth

Caramel Mocha Frappacino's
Fresh Coffee & Frappe's
Frappy Pappy Booth & Staff (minimum 750 servings)
Frappacino's Blended Onsite (minimums apply)

Cotton Candy Chef Booth

Event Booth (minimum 750 or more servings, 3 hours)
Add on to a booth: Cotton Candy Lemonade (minimum 250 servings)
Fresh Spun Cotton Candy
Rainbow Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy Booth & Staff

Onsite BBQ

Onsite BBQ & Staff
(themed) BBQ Serving Station

Balloons Arches


Carnival Booths
Inflatable Ax Throw Game
Inflatable Basketball Game
Dunk Tank
Carnival Game
Inflatable Knock em' Down Game
Midway Carnival Game Pkg.
Rock Climbing Wall
Mobile Ax Throwing Trailer
Rotating Air Pole Inflatable Game
Wack a Peg Game
Double Jakobs Ladder Game

Photo Booths

Magic Mirror
Photographer with Backdrop & Photos
Holiday Characters for Photos
Backdrops, Photographers, Photo Strips with Custom Borders


Spidar Mountain-Rockwall, Climbing Cage & Inflatable Slide
Blaze Runner Climbing Wall & Double Slide
4 Player Wrecking Ball
85' Obstacle Course & Climber
Toddler Playground
Tsunami Slip n Slide
22' Tsunami Water Slide
18' Curvy Tropical Water Slide
22' Tropical Water Slide
22' Blue & Gold Water Slide
25' Purple Beast Water Slide
18' Grey-Arctic Water Slide
Holiday Pumpkin Jumper/Slide
Holiday Walking Dead Halloween Jumper/Slide
Holiday 30' x 30' Halloween Maze, Fog & Sound
Halloween Maze Actors (With Maze Only)
Holiday 27' Giant Elf Jumper
Holiday Gingerbread House Jumper/Slide
Holiday 27' Frosty Jumper
Christmas Jumper with Supervising Attendant
Holiday Easter Bunny Jumper
Unicorn Jumper Slide Combo
Tweety Bird Cage
Inflatable Kid Zone W/Elephant Ride

Event Rentals in Southern California’s Inland Empire: Photo Booths, Carnival Rides & Games, Inflatable Water Slides and Holiday Inflatable Jumpers. ABC Events rents onsite BBQ’s and staff, Cotton Candy carts, Coffee Booths and staff for events.

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