Event Services


It’s about what we “offer” to your whole event process.

We offer event planning from beginning to end, every detail! If you don’t know where to begin, we do! We’ve been at this for over 25 years, so we are in no short supply of good advice backed up by many years of experience.

We have event equipment for rent. These elements would be the backbone of your event (as we call it.) Tents, tables, chairs, linens, beer walls, ceremony benches and other wedding rentals, barricades, portable lights, generators, and stages.

Signs and banners for your event can be designed in house with us and delivered to your event. Your guests need to know where they are going with arrow signs, registration booths need identification, activities need titles. If money is to be exchanged, your guests need to know how much. Give them signs, it will add to their positive event experience.

Layouts, to add to your city event permits, are done in house with us. Every city has different requirements but usually want to see a map of where your equipment and activities will be located. We do them.  If the Fire Dept. does a walk thru, we have a logistics manager who is well versed and is for hire to do that too. It’s a little daunting for the average person, so let us do it.

Vendor Management is a service we provide as well. Do you have food trucks and vendor booths participating the day of your event? They need direction when they show-up. That’s imperative for a smooth and organized setup. Don’t expect them to show up and randomly know where to go. They will be looking for a qualified person in charge. We do that.

Food is a service we provide for your event. You decide the vibe or vision for your event food and we can help with appropriate food options. Onsite BBQ’s, carnival snacks, food trucks and or booths, catered line procession service is all doable with us. You’ll chose your food based on the style of your event. We can make suggestions if you need help.

Music is a service we provide. Our DJ’s are well loved and requested over and over by our clients. They provide needed background to your event. A DJ can also be the MC and keep your event “flowing” or even play games with kids. Speakers with music are sometimes all that is needed. We provide that. Live bands for concert nights or day-time community events bring a special kind of excitement so don’t miss the opportunity to wow your guests with a band with an appropriately chosen genre of music.

If you have a special service request, let us know and we’ll see how we can be of service.

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